Chinese Fried Rice and BBQ Chicken
Yam Pottage and Cat Fish
Crispy Fried Yam
Yamarita and Egg Sauce
Stir Fried Noodles
Spaghetti with Asun
Village Rice & Titus Fish
Fried Rice and Fish
Prawn Rice & BBQ Chicken
Jollof Rice and Fried Fish
Coconut Rice & Pepper Chicken
Fried Rice and Chicken Wings
Jambolaya Rice & Pepper Chicken
Pepper Chicken
Peppered Gizzard
Fried Croaker
Grilled Croaker Fish
Grilled Cat Fish
BBQ Chicken
Prawn in Pepper
Beef, Ponmo, Shaki & Liver
Prawn in Chilli Sauce
Asun (Roasted and Spiced Goat Meat)
Eba, Bitterleaf Soup and Tilapia Fish
Semo, Banga and Titus Fish with Beef
Pounded Yam, Afang with Fried Croaker Fish
Amala, Okro and Assorted Meat
Eba with Bitter Leaf Soup
Amala with Egusi and Fried Titus Fish