Fried Rice with Chicken Wings
Fried Rice with Croaker Fish
Jollof Rice with Snail
Jollof Rice with Crispy Chicken
Fried Rice and Plantain with Barbecue Chicken
Jollof Rice with Fired Chicken
Spaghetti with Asun
Yam Pottage with Catfish
Yamarita with Egg Sause
Crispy Yam
Beans, Plantain with Gizzard
Moimoi Fish in Leaf
MoiMoi Egg in Plastic
Pounded Yam, Assorted Meat with Okro Soup
Amala, Fried Titus with Egusi Soup
Pounded Yam, Assorted Meat with Efo Riro Soup
Eba, Assorted Meat with Bitter Leaf Soup
Eba, Beef with Efo Riro Soup
Prawns in Pepper
Nkwobi (Cow Meat)
Goat Meat Pepper Soup
Asun (Peppered Goat Meat)
Catfish Pepper Soup